Weed Wipeout™ - from new Weed Wipeout™ - from new

Weed Wipeout™ - from new

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Weed Wipeout™ 8-0-1 is an all natural, iron-based, granular post-emergent that will help you build a thick lawn while eliminating weeds. Dandelions, crabgrass, speedwell, moss and broadleaf plantains are among the 24 species Weed Wipeout™ is labeled to control. The Weed Wipeout™ formula uses iron EDTA, unlike similar products in the market that use an iron oxide. Iron EDTA is a much more readily available source than iron oxide. As a result, Weed Wipeout™ is immediately absorbed and delivered to the roots of the plant. Broadleaf weeds absorb and utilize iron differently than turf grass. So, while the weeds are controlled by your Weed Wipeout™ application, your turf grass benefits from the additional iron and other nutrients in the fertilizer's 8-0-1 analysis. Weed Wipeout™ is also labeled to control and suppress diseases such as dollar spot, rust and snow mold.

Weed Wipeout™ should be applied to damp turf, allowing the granules to stick to the foliage. Do not irrigate or apply within at least 24 hours of an expected rain event. Weed Wipeout™ is fast acting. You will notice weeds will begin to turn black and die about 24 hours after application. For best results, repeat treatment in 3 to 4 weeks.

Because it is iron based, Weed Wipeout™ stains easily. Be sure to sweep any misplaced product off sidewalks and driveways and into back into the lawn. It's also possible to see staining of the thatch layer. This does not affect the health of the grass. Occasionally, darkening of the grass leaf blades can occur after treatment; however, the grass will recover within a few days to weeks.

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