Fall Fix Fall Fix Fall Fix

Fall Fix

  • 100% organic lawn fertilizer (5-5-5) - OMRI listed
  • Contains no animal byproducts, manures, biosolids, or other waste material
  • Feeds lawn, repairs damage from summer stress, and prepares lawn for winter
  • Provides a quick green-up and extended feeding
  • Includes humic acid to promote healthy soil
  • Family friendly - yard is safe to use immediately after applying
  • Only available through an annual subscription plan
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Fall Fix 5-5-5 is an OMRI listed, organic fall fertilizer for lawns. This formula is designed to feed your lawn, strengthen roots, build healthy soil, repair damage from summer stress, and prepare your lawn for winter.

Fall Fix is the ideal organic fertilizer to use during seeding, overseeding and sod installation. It is safe for use on all grass types and includes humic acid to ensure nutrient uptake and soil health. Fall Fix contains quick and slow-release nitrogen sources for an immediate an green-up and continual feeding up to six weeks.

Unlike other organic fertilizers, Fall Fix does not contain animal ingredients, manure, biosolids or any other waste materials. And, unlike traditional lawn care products, Fall Fix does not contain synthetic chemicals. Instead it has top- of-the-line, all natural and organic nutrient sources like soybean meal, sodium nitrate, potash, and phosphorus so your family can get back to enjoying your yard immediately after it has been applied!

Fall Fix is OMRI listed. What does that really mean?
The Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) is a non-profit, third party that reviews and verifies products for organic use. The designation of an OMRI listing means that Fall Fix has passed the review process  and is compliant with organic standards. OMRI listed products are the best organic products available.

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