Family Friendly

All Lawnbox products are safe for use on lawns with kid and pet traffic. They are also safe for use around environmentally sensitive waterways, ponds and wells.

OMRI Listed

There’s a difference between natural and certified organic. All our products carry an OMRI listing. This means that all the ingredients have been reviewed by a third party and approved as 100% organic.

OMRI Listed

No Animal Waste or Biosolids

Most organic fertilizers today use manure, biosolids and other waste products as nitrogen sources. We use soybean meal and sodium nitrate. Both are natural forms of nitrogen without offensive odor.

Fillers? Nope. Not Here

Fertilizers can contain up to 50% filler. They won't hurt your lawn, but they also don't provide any value. Everything in our products has a purpose, providing your lawn with what it needs when it needs it.

Next-Level Nitrogen

Lawnbox organics deliver 2x more nitrogen than most organic fertilizers. Our formulas include both quick and slow-release nitrogen ensuring an instant green-up and continual feeding for up to 6 weeks.

Chlorine Belongs in the Pool

High concentrations of chloride can cause toxicity problems and reduce grass quality. With this in mind, we chose to use potassium sulfate, a chloride-free potassium source that's safer for your grass.

Responsible Phosphorus

Phosphorus helps plants develop strong roots but too much of it can get into waterways and cause environmental issues. So, we significantly decreased phosphorus amounts where we could and replaced it with humic acid.

Hello, Humic.

You’ll never get a healthy lawn with unhealthy soil. With this lawn care fundamental in mind, we include humic acid in all fertilizer applications. That way you’re not just feeding the surface of your lawn, but your soil, too. Here are other benefits to using humic acid:

Enhances soil's ability to hold nutrients and water

Helps grass stand up to heat, drought and traffic

Strengthens the root system

Enhances lawn color

Increases seed germination