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Are Lawnbox products actually organic?

Yes! All of our products are organic, organic. Not mostly, kind of, sort of or "natural". Each of the ingredients we've chosen for our products is found on OMRI’s list of materials for organic use.

Are Lawnbox products kid and pet friendly?

Absolutely. Featuring only organic ingredients, our products are built with safety in mind. Because we don't use any of the synthetic chemicals found in typical lawn care products, Lawnbox products are safer for the birds, the bees, Fido and everyone else who loves your lawn! In fact, your family can get back to enjoying your yard immediately following application. No more staying off the lawn to avoid the potentially hazardous chemicals.

What sets Lawnbox products apart from other organic lawn care products?

You want organic lawn care, but you don’t want to sacrifice results. We get it! Unlike most organic products, we don't use animal ingredients, manure, biosolids or any other waste products. The top-of-the-line organic ingredients we've chosen are designed to maximize safety and performance. With products featuring nitrogen levels up to 2x those found in most organic fertilizers and programs focused on feeding both your grass and your soil, this isn't your grandmother's organic lawn care plan! For more information, check out our Why Lawnbox page.

What's the difference between traditional lawn care and organic lawn care?

Traditional lawn care programs typically include synthetic-chemical-based fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide, and fungicide applications. While these programs provide the nutrients your lawn needs and eliminate most weeds, insects and diseases, many of these chemicals aren’t designed to be safe for humans or pets (picture the traditional “CAUTION! Stay off the grass!” yard sign). Many lawns have also become addicted to these chemicals, resulting in shallow roots, little drought and traffic tolerance, and the need for frequent watering. Rather than filling your lawn with synthetic chemicals, organic lawn care is more focused on your lawn's entire ecosystem, providing your grass with the nutrients it needs and turning your soil into a grass-boosting machine. Organic lawn plans create family-friendly spaces that can be enjoyed, rather than avoided. We know what you're thinking! In addition to the lawn food and soil food products already included in our subscription plans, we're working on the perfect 100% organic weed and pest-control solutions. Stay tuned!

How does the subscription plan work?

The Lawnbox family of products is only available through our season-long subscription plans. Using your address, the answers to a few questions, and a few data points, we'll build a customized plan just for your lawn. Then we deliver the nutrients your lawn needs to your door, in the right amounts, right when it’s time to use them. No more guesswork. No more worrying about what’s in the bag.

Is a soil test required to get started?

No. Our subscription plans do not require the submission of a soil test, as they are designed to be extremely versatile and impact the full spectrum of climates, soil types and lawn types. Our products also include ingredients like humic acid, which provides a boost to any type of soil or grass, creating an ecosystem where lawns can thrive.

How much does a subscription plan cost?

Our plans start around $150, with costs based on a number of variables including your location, climate data and yard size, along with the specific products included in your plan.

Am I too late to start my lawn plan for the year?

You're never too late! Our subscriptions work on a rolling 12-month calendar. You'll receive the next product(s) on your plan's shipment schedule, and your plan will simply renew at the same time the following year. Trust us. Whether you join in February or September, your lawn will thank you!

What about weed control?

Our subscription plans do not (yet) include a weed prevention or control product. We are, however, working on developing the perfect 100% organic weed control solution, and hope to have in place very soon. The best defense against weeds is a thick, healthy lawn. We can help with that! If you still have weed problems, you have a few options. You can pull them up by hand, plan on spot spraying them directly, or you can do nothing. Just remember that if you choose to do nothing, your fertilizer applications will be feeding both your lawn and the weeds. If you’re okay with that, we are too! Many of our customers have chosen to use a hybrid program this year, combining our subscription plan with a weed control product of their choice. For next year, they plan to switch their weed control to our 100% organic product, once it becomes available.

What about insect control?

Our subscription plans do not (yet) include an insect control product for pests like fleas, ticks, and spiders. We are working to develop the perfect 100% organic solution, and plan to have in place soon. In the meantime, we recently released GrubOut, an organic biological insecticide used to control grubs and prevent grub-related damage in lawns. This OMRI-listed product features 100%-organic ingredients and is non-toxic to insects, pollinators, birds, and fish. To learn more, click here. Much like with weed control, a thick, healthy lawn can help to fend off some insects. For some people though, this is just not enough. Many of our customers have chosen to use a hybrid program this year, combining our subscription plan with an insect control product of their choice. Once our 100% organic insect control product is available, those customers plan to upgrade their subscription plan to include it as well.

Are Lawnbox products granular or liquid?

All of our products are granular in nature, requiring a spreader for application. Don't have a spreader? Not to worry! As you build your plan, you'll have the option to add the spreader of your choice. Need to add a spreader later? No problem! They are all available for standalone purchase, here.

What if my yard is larger than 20,000 square feet?

Our plans are designed for lawns less than 20,000 square feet (about half an acre). If you have a larger property, many of our customers have found success taking one of two approaches: 1. Purchase multiple subscription plans to ensure coverage for your entire yard. Example: a 32,000 square foot yard would require one subscription plan at 20,000 square feet and a second subscription plan at 12,000 square feet. 2. Treat only a portion of your entire yard. Example: a 32,000 square foot yard might breakdown to 20,000 square feet in the back yard and 12,000 square feet in the front yard. Deciding to only treat the back yard (where the majority of your family activities happen), would only require only a purchase of the 20,000 square foot subscription plan. We'd love to make your entire property family friendly with a 100% organic lawn. If you do decide to treat less than your entire property, though, we'd love to be a part of making a safe space for the entire family to enjoy!

The yard size estimate for my property is missing or inaccurate. What can I do?

Don't panic! If you know the size of your yard, use the MODIFY button to enter your yard size, before pressing the SAVE button to lock it in. If your yard is larger than 20,000 square feet, be sure to refer to the suggestions above. If you're not sure how large your yard is, contact one of our Lawn Experts, who would love to help! If you'd like to continue exploring, enter any number less than 20,000, and you'll be able to continue with the plan builder process.

Can I apply Lawnbox products and grass seed at the same time?

Yes. Thanks to the 100% organic ingredients we've chosen, including the combination of quick- and slow-release nitrogen, all of our products can be applied at the same or similar timing as grass seed. In fact, we recommend it! Each of our products also contains humic acid, which is proven to improve seed germination. Questions? Contact one of our Lawn Experts!

Are these products safe around my garden?

Yes! You can confidently apply Lawnbox products in all areas of your lawn, including those around gardens, trees, and other landscaping.

Which spreader setting should I use?

Each of our products has spreader settings recommended for best application. To find the proper setting for your spreader, click here. Remember, our products should always be applied with a properly-calibrated handheld, rotary or drop-type fertilizer spreader. For even application, be sure to walk at a steady rate, slightly overlapping each pass. Don't have a spreader? Not to worry! As you build your plan, you'll have the option to add the spreader of your choice. Need to add a spreader later? No problem! They are all available for standalone purchase, here.

Should Lawnbox products be applied before or after mowing?

For maximum product efficiency, we recommend mowing your lawn prior to the application of any of our products. This allows the product to reach the surface of the soil and get to work. Don't mow too short though! We recommend mowing to a length of 3-3.75 inches. If you mow too short, you'll get rid of too much of the leaf, which is what your grass uses to make its food. Keeping your grass a bit taller also helps to shade the soil and prevent the germination of weed seeds.

Should I water my lawn after applying?

While not required, it's a great idea to apply water to your lawn after an application. Whether done manually with a sprinkler or using a gentle rain from Mother Nature, watering helps move the product down to the lawn's roots, where it wants to be! You should apply enough water to dampen the lawn, but not enough to wash the product away. For this reason, applications should not be made before a heavy rain. Remember, all of our products are kid and pet friendly, so your lawn is immediately safe for the family to return to immediately following application (with or without rain)!

What if I have leftover product following an application?

First, check to make sure you utilized the proper spreader setting. If not, you'll want to make sure to double check before your next application, as each product is different. Once that's out of the way, you can feel free to apply any leftover product to your gardens, landscaping, trees and shrubs! Be sure to follow the directions included on each product's label. If you have a large amount of product leftover, we'd be happy to reduce how many bags are sent with each of your plan's shipments. Just get a hold of our Lawn Experts!

Is there any type of money back guarantee?

Absolutely. We're confident you'll love your Lawnbox lawn. If for some reason you don't, our Love Your Lawn Guarantee promises that if you are unhappy with your Lawnbox lawn care plan for any reason, we'll provide you with a full refund. No questions asked.

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