We deliver healthy lawns,
in every sense of the word.

Until now, organic lawn care was a pain. It meant more work trying to find the right products and where to get them, lots of research to see if whatever was in the bag was actually safe, and then keeping your fingers crossed that you’d see results. We thought “well, that’s ridiculous” then rolled up our sleeves. 

One by one, we began to chip away at the barriers to organic lawn care. We sourced the best organic ingredients and used them to craft innovative formulas that don’t just work — they outperform.

But designing next-level organic products wasn’t enough. We still wanted to make things easier. So, we removed the guesswork altogether.

Using your address and the answers to a few questions, we build a customized plan just for your lawn. Then we deliver the nutrients your lawn needs to your door, in the right amounts, right when it’s time to use them. No more worrying about what’s in the bag. No more wondering if it’s going to work.

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