We measure your lawn size

Satellite imagery helps us make sure we send the right amount of product.

We look at your data

Your soil and grass types, rainfall and growing days help us build your customized lawn plan.

We remove the guesswork

Over the course of the growing season, you’ll receive perfectly-timed shipments of the products your lawn needs, in the right amount, delivered to your doorstep.

You enjoy the best lawn on the block

Lawn care glory is right around the corner! All you have to do is follow the application instructions included with each shipment. You got this!

We’re here to help

We’ve worked hard to make this super easy for you. But, if at any point you have questions, we’ve got your back. Just click on the chat button to talk with one of our lawn experts.

A lush, green lawn makes your corner of the world a better place. Healthy lawns produce oxygen, prevent soil erosion, help clean our water and contribute to neighborhood pride. It's your extended living space, where your kids run through the sprinkler and your pets lounge in the sun.

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