Grass Genie®

22 reviews
Premium organic lawn food designed to kick-start your lawn at the beginning of the growing season.

Lawn Luxe®

21 reviews
Premium organic lawn food that helps your lawn stand up to summer stresses like heat, drought, and traffic.

Fall Fix™

11 reviews
Premium organic lawn food designed to repair summer damage and prepare your lawn for winter.

Pure Patch™

1 review
Premium organic lawn repair with seed, soil amendments, fertilizer and mulch.

Soil Saver®

8 reviews
Premium organic soil food that boosts poor soils, encourages deeper root growth, and enhances nutrient uptake.


3 reviews
Premium organic bio-insecticide designed to control grubs and prevent the damage they can cause.

Lawnbox E-Gift Card

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LB2030 Broadcast Spreader

Our most popular spreader. Ideal for lawns up to 7,500 square feet.